Your philosophy of education

Directions: Using the template provided, write a 2 page typed essay (double spaced) on your view of higher education. Begin with an introduction describing the day you decided to apply for college. Your introduction’s very last sentence should be a three-part thesis statement that specifically addresses three and only three of the following:

the purpose(s) of education on individuals and society;
the most important qualities of a good learner;
the role of teachers and schools in the learning process;
the qualities and attributes of an educated person;
how studying the Liberal Arts can help a person to become educated;

Each of the points you selected will be a separate body paragraph with its own subheading. In each of these body paragraphs, you should discuss your views about the topic, explain how specific ideas in the texts we read influenced, changed or deepened your thinking on each topic.

Your fifth and final paragraph is your conclusion. In your conclusion, discuss how you envision or see your own educational future. What goals do you have for your future education? How do you plan to continue your efforts to educate yourself? How does ”” College fit in your plans? Be as specific as possible.

the articles to use in the paper are in the additional materials along with the template for the assignment.