World population prospects 2019 – Country Risk Assessments

Please read carefully the file uploaded “World Population Prospects 2019”.
For this assignment need a:
1) written paper: word doc. of about one page with the points written above.
2) Power point presentation with 4 slides (and the notes to what to say for 5min.)

The points to be included in the written report are:

. The topic: who wrote the article, if it is multilateral or NGO
. Explain to whom the article is addressed (intended audience): for example corporate, political and academic
. Put the key conclusions of the article
. Explain how this article could be useful to a country risk professional who would like to know the information.  Where they can find the most important information in this document.

The oral report need to be about 5 min. long with 4 slides corresponding to the points in the written part.

pls, in the powerpoint presentation in the “notes” section (under each slide) write exactly what i need to say so that i just need to read the notes.