Women and Leadership in Society

As we complete the course, you are asked to evaluate the position statement you offered in your Week 1 Discussion post. First, copy and paste your original position statement into a Word document and then in 2-4 pages, explain how your views/understanding have evolved and/or changed. You are being asked to do this to help you evaluate the work you put into this course by taking an inventory of what you learned and see if your views and understanding have evolved over time. Some of you may find that you now have a totally different understanding of the course topic than you did at the start. While others may state that the course actually did not change their views.
In your writing, include examples from the course readings that help explain how your thoughts have changed over time. There are no set requirements for unique citations, so you can pick what to bring into your writing. You should think of this as a journal entry, where you can offer personal voice and I statements. However, your opinion should connect to outside sources, to show that you are drawing on outside information to help evolve your original position statement.
Be sure to use APA formatting. Refer to the APA materials on the Syllabus & Course Info page for formatting instructions.