Women and Leadership in Society

Locate a single article that has personally impacted your own views. Then, craft an email to someone you know, or a fictitious person, explaining how this class has either changed, or not changed, your mind about the course topic: women in leadership positions within our society. This is a personal email that you are crafting as a friendly note to someone who has recently asked what you thought of this course. Your email should be roughly 2-4 paragraphs and refer to the article as a speaking point. As well, you will need to express your personal views regarding how the article relates to your position on the course topic. You can have either a positive or negative view on the course topic and materials, so please do not feel that you are forced to speak on behalf of one side of the debate or another.

Book we used:
Eagly, A. H., & Carli, L. L. (2007). Through the Labyrinth: The Truth About How Women Become Leaders (Center for Public Leadership). Harvard Business Review Press.