Wk 5C Jerence


Please respond to the below classmate discussion post, minimum of 100 words. 

 Law enforcement agencies should always remember that they are representing an organization and must always be mindful of their actions. In any country law enforcement agencies are working for the state, city, county or the country and they have a responsible to account to the public for any misconduct by law enforcement officers, the first ramification of police misconduct is lawsuit, this is the first easiest option to get compensation from the government for a police misconduct. Millions in lawsuit settlements are another hidden cost of police misconduct, legal experts say, During fiscal year 2019, the city of New York paid out $175.9 million in civil judgments and claims for police -related lawsuits– not including settlements made with the city’s comptroller’s office, said Nick Paolucci, a spokesman with the city’s law Department– the agency that defends the city and its employees in lawsuits.

   The next legal ramification of police misconduct is asking person/ persons to resign in the public interest. This is a huge action that influential people always lean to when authority failed to take the necessary action when a police under their command is involved in a police misconduct or unethical behavior.

In concluding Police misconduct and unethical behavior have a negative impact on the government budget and the number of backlogs of lawsuit claims. It is also bad for the image and reputation of the organization and the government.