What age should children be allowed to have mobile phones?

1. Broad Topic:

Key Words/Phrases to use to generate research:

Target Audience:

Research Ques:


Possible points to make about the topic. Label each point ethos, pathos, logos.:

*This list should include EVERYTHING THAT YOU CAN THINK OF! Dont edit.

Possible counter-arguments:

*This list may or may not be paired with points above. Include everything you can think of! Don’t Edit.

This information will appeal to our target audience because:

Ideas for visual aids/design:

2. Post links to at least 5 sources (you need only use 3) that you think will be serve your idea for your persuasive speech. If you plan to do any primary research (survey, interview, formal observation, etc.), include that.

3. Directions: Use the template below to create your planning doc for the Persuasive speech. Post to the discussion board. Provide feedback to 2 other students regarding their plan. If you are not sure what to comment on–review the rubric. Also, consider the following questions: Does the plan include different types of appeals (ethos, pathos, logos)? Does the plan consider and address counter-argument? Are you likely to be convinced by the evidence presented? Is there something missing (a piece of evidence, explanation, analysis)?

The Persuasive Presentation Planning Document

***WITHIN YOUR PLANNING DOC: make clear where you will include visuals, what they are and what you hope they add to the presentation. You may use a PPT, but be sure to keep the recording on YOU rather than the PPT for the MAJORITY of the speech.


Attention-Getting Strategy         

Persuasive Claim (define & explain–provide necessary background info)

Establish the significance of your topicwhy do people need the info you are going to provide?

Establish your credibility: what experience have you had or research have you done to qualify you to talk about this issue?

Thesis & Preview of Main Points (make sure that your position is clear, as well as your



Transition, POINT 1: Make your specific claim

Evidence and connection to support

*include counter-argument/refutation (at least once)

*repeat, as necessary. (you will likely need to cover at least 3 points)

Transition, Conclusion

Summation (very brief)

Visualization (Benefits from Acceptance and/or Implementation)

Appeal for Support/Clincher