Final Thoughts on Social Media and Society


Monique Ballenger


This class was very interesting. I have learned that social media is the future. I say its the future because nobody doesn’t read newspapers or look through phonebooks for phone numbers. I remember being a little girl playing outside with dirt and using my imagination. Now every little you see is carrying a phone and doing TikTok. Everybody is on social media reading the news. I learned that social media is being watched by employers. You can get fired from your job if you do post nasty comments about the job. I also learned that the First Amendment comes with consequences. This class has taught me that social media isn't a great place to show your frustration. 

My favorite part of the course was learning about social media and work. Social media affects a lot of things. Once you post about your job in a negative way, you have consequences to deal with. I could have written my papers better because I felt I didn't do a good job. For example, I could've taken my time and not rush my papers. I also could've researched a lot more about what im doing my paper on. For example, instead of looking at one or two websites, I could've used the library to read articles on the topic. 

I will be doing more research and not rushing my papers. If I take my time in writing my papers, I would be satisfied with my grades. I will use the information I got from this class and apply it in my future by explaining to my kids that not everything goes on social media. My kids are my future so I have to explain to them that social media will be used a lot and they need to be aware that it might take over them when they get older. 


Taylor Vaughn

Hello Class!

It is hard to believe that this is the very last week because it feels like yesterday, we were just starting week 1, time has really flown by. I have really learned a lot because it has opened my mind to the social media world especially from reading everyone's posts and reading their opinions on certain topics. I actually like the fact that I was carrying on conversations with my fellow classmates. I know many older adults tend to talk about the younger generation using social media for just about everything but really that is not necessarily a bad thing. I got a clearer understanding of individuals using social media to build their brand or use it as a marketing strategy. As I participated more in the discussion’s posts and assignments, I learned more background information on all these Social Media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. However, this class also teaches you how to be aware of the dangers of exposing too much on social media and how to monitor what you do. Out of all the four classes I took this Semester, this was by far my favorite class when it came to discussing the weekly forums with you all. I wish everyone the best of luck with their educational goals from here on.