Week 4 annotated bibliography (Due in 24 hours)/Week 4 annotated bibliography (Due in 1 day).docx

100% Original Work only (Urgent)

4-5 Pages Required

Plz read MY Notes and Important tips

->Each Annotated Bibliography hv 3 Paragraph Summary, Analysis & Application

Selected research topic: The Impact of Supply Chain Management Practices on the Overall Performance of the organization

Assignment: 4-5 Pages Required

All Participants should post an annotated bibliography of at least five additional resources related to the research topic by Day 7 of Week 4.

Habani, M. A., & Kamaruddin, S. (2021). Supply Chain Risk Management Strategies and Business Performance: A Conceptual Framework. Review of International Geographical Education Online, 11(7), 3938–3945.

Liu, W., Bai, E., Liu, L., & Wei, W. (2017). A framework of sustainable service supply chain management: A literature review and research agenda. Sustainability, 9(3), 421.

Rodríguez-Ferradas, M. I., & Alfaro-Tanco, J. A. (2016). Open innovation in automotive SMEs suppliers: An opportunity for new product development. Universia Business Review, 50, 142–157.

Tarei, P.K., Thakkar, J.J., & Nag, B. (2020). Benchmarking the relationship between supply chain risk mitigation strategies and practices: An integrated approach. Benchmarking: An International Journal, 27(5), 1683-1715.

Tukamuhabwa, B. R., Stevenson, M., Busby, J., & Zorzini, M. (2015). Supply chain resilience: Definition, review and theoretical foundations for further study. International Journal of Production Research, 53(18), 5592–5623.

MY Notes:

Must be use above 5 resources for annotated bibliography

Important tips: Include each Article annotated bibliography summary, Analysis and applies to the study

Walden's recommendations for formatting an AB includes three areas, typically formatted in three paragraphs: 

Summary: What did the author do? Why? What did he/she find?

Analysis: Was the author’s method sound? What information was missing? Is this a scholarly source?

Application: Does this article apply to the literature? How would you be able to apply this method/study to your particular study? Is the article universal?