Week 5 Reflection

Submit by listing 3 major insights from the weekly readings. One of which must be on the EDA worksheet and contains the following:

1. More than 3 layers of EDA
2. Attached relevant charts on the worksheet and the full charts in the back of the report
3. The questions must be linked to the findings from the previous layer
4. The insight per worksheet must be significant and derives directly from the last charts.
5.You should try to apply the insights to the situation as you were hired as a key consultant to the head of the Covid abatement program of your chosen country!

Each must demonstrate the following:

– Completeness Ability to capture major contents of the reading
– Insightful Ability to derive exceptional and novel insights from the reading
– Applications Ability to show superior applications of the insights gleaned
– Writing skill – Uses clear language to accurately express abstract ideas and explain concepts. No errors related to organization, grammar and style, and citations

Weekly reading: Chapters 3b and 5 of Textbook(Applied Business Analytics_ Integrating Business Process, Big Data, and Advanced Analytics ( PDFDrive )

Tool: KNIME, XMind( The details are in the PowerPoint)