Week 4 Discussion

Week 4 Discussion
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Post a substantive individual response to Forum prompts by  11:59 PM  Wednesday night. 

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Week 4: Group Discussion Board Topic: Integration of Mixed Company textbook assigned reading, websites, and articles readings and exercises. Discuss the 3 most important concepts you have learned.

Group Leadership

Complete the “What Is Your Leadership Style Preference?” assessment in Chapter 6.  The “What Is Your Leadership Style Preference?” questionnaire is designed to help you assess your preferred leadership style.  After completing and scoring the assessment, examine whether your leadership style is more directive or participative.  Identify your primary and secondary style preferences and. Explain if you agree or not.  How has this preference been evidenced in previous group settings? 

Then, utilizing the Pattern of Leader Emergence in the textbook, determine the general patterns of leader emergence in your group.  What type of leadership emerged?  Does your group employ a share-leadership style or a more conventional primary leadership format?  Has it changed over the weeks?  If so, how?  Examine the Three Primary Qualifications for Retaining Leadership in Chapter 6. How has your group leadership progressed through these three primary qualifications?