Need to FULLY read instructions, I need assignment done correctly fulfilling each and every instruction asked for please!!!

Begin by reading over the following Articles:

http://webquest.org/sdsu/focus/focus.pdf (Links to an external site.)

http://webquest.org/sdsu/taskonomy.html (Links to an external site.)

After reading these articles, Step 1 is to choose the type of TASK you will cover in your WEBQUEST.

NEXT, your assignment is to create an Annotative Bibliography of the Research found that relates to cultural differences on the issues related to Race, Racism, and Equity.  Topics should include connections of Argumentation and Cultural Identity.  For example:  Racism, Oppression, Discrimination, Internalized Microaggressions, White Privilege, Social Justice, Civil Rights, Affirmative Action, and Equity.

Actual paperwork you need to submit for the WEBQUEST Assignment:

Your WEBQUEST Assignment begins by identifying a VALUE PROPOSITION around the Themes provided.  Develop a Single Complete Sentence that is structured as a VALUE PROPOSITION – Review the video on Claims and remember the importance of QUESTION OF VALUE.

In addition to the VALUE PROPOSITION, you want to identify three CONTENTIONS – Remember, these are responses to the ISSUES that emerge from the VALUE PROPOSITION.  At this point for the WEBQUEST assignment, I just need three Main Points for your possible Contentions. Then, you will include the actual WEBQUEST that incorporates an Annotative Bibliography of five (5) Academic Sources and three (3) Web sites that you find complement the TASK you chose to explore.

For developing an Annotative Bibliography, see Purdue OWL: