Walmart Logistics Strategy

Description of the Project – WALMART LOGISTICS

Your textbook equates logistics strategy with supply chain strategy, one of the functional strategies that supports overall firm objectives. For the final project in this course you will research and construct a logistics strategy for a known firm.

For your paper, which should be 10 to 15 pages long, you will study a real-world firm. You will do research to provide background on WALMART describing its operations and organizational structure, and then you will draw conclusions based on what you have learned in this course. In essence you will be answering the question: What does WALMART need to do in order to accomplish its strategic objectives and accomplish its mission/vision? Your paper will outline a logistics strategy that accomplishes the strategic objectives of the firm.

Outline of the Paper
The outline of your paper should be as follows:


Corporate Vision and Mission (as stated by WALMART)

Logistics Strategy

Customer Service levels
Channels of Supply and Distribution
Facility Locations
Information Management
Organizational Structure




You may use any information you are able to find from external sources, but you must provide proper referencing for all sources of material. However, this means that in almost all cases, there will be strategic gaps in several areas. This is where you are to show your strategic (and creative) sense. In the gap areas, you need to create material that is consistent with what youve learned in the course and that coheres with the rest of the paper towards the construction of an overall, coherent strategy.