Assignment: Take a walk in your neighborhood, as long or short as you like.

                              Guided by the ideas of one or more of the readings, bring in a 2-

                              minute story (1 double-spaced page) to read aloud
– A quick word about the assignment for next week: It’s meant to be coordinated with the readings for next  week–Whitehead (pdf below) , White ( https://cpb-us-w2.wpmucdn.com/campuspress.yale.edu/dist/b/3011/files/2018/08/Here-is-NY_EB-White1-yk0d8g.pdf ) , and Berger ( https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/30/nyregion/william-helmreich-dead-coronavirus.html )
– meant to address a particular walk (you can even title or sub-title these with something like “Brandon Lake Road, Albany, NY, September 14, 1:15-2:00 p.m.”), or a specific detail of that walk, rather than reflect on your usual walks or other more general perspective. Do the readings first so you can have them in mind to start your excursion. Be sure to consider what you mean by “story.”