W9: The Rabbit Island Experiment

For weeks 9 & 10 we will be discussing a new case study on the Rabbit Island Experiment. Week 9 will cover the first 1/2 of the case study. In week 10 we will cover the 2nd half of the case study.

For this weeks discussion we will look at a case study about Dr. E.L. Trudeau, who performed a seminal early experiment validating the germ theory of infection. Part I of our discussion introduces Trudeau’s Rabbit Island experiment. Its results provided rational bases for the tuberculosis sanatorium movement of the late 19th and early 20th century.

Read through the attached case study. Answer any 4 questions of your choosing found in the case study. Make sure you include the questions that you are answering, along with your answers to those 4 questions. Write your post in a narrative format