Virtual Library Research Project

Write a two-page paper that addresses School Board policies.  Include the following information:

1.  What are School Board policies?  Who proposes the language of such policies?

2.  How are School Board policies developed and approved?

3.  How are School Board policies organized?

4.  What is the procedure to change, edit, or delete School Board policies?

5.  Why are School Board policies necessary?

6.  How are Board policies implemented, and what are the penalties for non-adherence and compliance with such policies by school employees?

7.  How many members are on the Board of selected Florida school districts?  (select Miami-Dade and two others)

8.  How are the School Board members selected?

9.  What is meant by the government under the Sunshine Law?  Are Board members obligated to adhere to this law?  Why?

10.  Do Board members need to be related to or associated with roles in education?

Include at least three citations, a reference section, comply with all of the APA requirements

Please research the Broward County School Board.