USAA Assignment

   Time to Fill: Reflects the time for the entire hiring process — from the approval of the job requisition until the candidate accepts the job. In contrast, Time to Hire measures the speed at which a candidate is processed, assessed, interviewed, and accepted for a job (recruiting efficiency). A long time to fill indicates a slow and inefficient process with unnecessary bottlenecks.

Project Description: The mission of the semester length project is to observe, map, measure and evaluate the “time to fill” process for a key position with a sponsoring organization. 

Goal/Deliverables: The project goal is to provide students with a real-world view of the talent acquisition process. The end of semester team presentations will provide students with an opportunity to observe similarities and unique elements in the process dictated by your sector.

Deliverables will include a type-written project summary paper (including supporting illustrations, graphs, tables, etc) in APA format and an in-class presentation (PowerPoint) summary & reflection of the teams project experience.  

   Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility and Philanthropy/ USAA is the Position.

The Time to Fill project will require students to:

1. Create a process map of the organizations talent acquisition process flow– identify process activities, cycle time, and estimated costs. Identify organizational interfaces (partners). 

2. Estimate cycle time between process steps; estimate unit cost (e.g., cost/hour).

3. Calculate macro talent acquisition cycle time; estimate total cycle time cost.

4. Prepare a SWOT analysis on the talent acquisition process.

5. Identify talent acquisition process and performance metrics (current and desired rates). Compare to available sector standards and/or desired state.

6. Identify opportunities (efficiency & quality) for improvement.

7. Reflect on lessons learned.

Time to fill resources: