urgent very urgent answer in 30 min STATISTICS

urgent very urgent answer in 30 min STATISTICS

A researcher wanted to know if there was a difference between male doctoral studentswho did there undergraduate work ata specificuniversity and wether or not these students were accepted into the same univs doctoral program. The research Q is – is there a difference between male and female doctoral students in regard to wether they are accepted or not into the doctoral program of the same univ where they did there undergraduate work?The researcher ran a chi square test and the results are listed as below,

Observed values

   Male         Female       Sum

Accepted          110            115          225

Not accepted    80               95         175

                           190             210           400

X2 (square) – 0.39782

P value 0.528217

What can researcher determinefrom the data analysis?

Summarize the statistical scenario and provide an analysis and critique of the scenario

Your response shud be in detail and paragraph format

Report whether the results are significant . discuss the statistical significance and practical significance in ur analysis and interpretation of the results. What are the implications for leaders in the organization based on these results

What shud be the researchers next steps in research, and what other factors can the researcher consider?