This is your client  BCoB

and this is the instructions 

Put together a “plan of action” for your client (the BCoB or your own client) and generate content for a potential live tweet-stream. Your plan should be approximately one and a half pages, and it must include the following at a minimum (feel free to go beyond the scope of this assignment to craft a real portfolio piece):

1) A clearly stated overall GOAL for the Twitter account and its content. What do you think the purpose of this Twitter account should be?  What is the broad, overall GOAL (not a specific objective).

2) A list of realistic #hashtags that you recommend (a minimum of 5 # topics that you suggest in order to start “trending topics” and conversations on Twitter), including explanations of how and why you would use each hashtag in a campaign context.

3) At least one complete tweet sample each for FOUR different “TYPES” of Tweets (labeled by type), including all artwork, video links, photos and even shortened URLs to article links, PLUS up to 280-characters of copy to accompany each of your tweets, and they need to work toward your STATED GOAL (see #1 above). To clarify, you must actually write/create four separate tweets for 4 Separate Categories or Tweet Types and include working graphics and links. You will be graded on creativity, appropriateness of the material selected, adherence to your stated goal and whether or not you demonstrate a clear understanding of the different types of Twitter content!  DO label each tweet by “type.” In other words, name the tweet type each piece of content represents!

**** Each of your four tweets MUST be labeled as to which “type of tweet” it represents!

This one is worth 85 points.