Reasons for long wait times may include equipment issues, emergencies, patient and procedure volume. Doctors have an obligation to deliver quality of care to patients. Patients are more comfortable when they believe they are receiving personalized care. All reasons for long wait times. Patients and procedures drive providers pay. Hopefully, this outpatient clinic is operating using modern technology. For example, patients can use a portal accessible from home to review appointment information, ask questions and schedule future appointments, send automated appointment reminders, and implement a board to show last names and anticipated wait times. (Torrey, 2020).

I would use data from the last six months to evaluate employee performance. Data measuring days, times and performance rate that do not meet expectations is focus. Data comparisons showing which employees are not performing at the same rate as other employees will be selected for coaching opportunities. These employees may not be aware of their performance status. Leadership conducting one on one meetings with the individual to discuss their performance, their role as contributors and expectations. Next step, conduct follow-up meeting after 60 days to improve performance. Then, performance is evaluated for improvement. (OHara, 2017). It is beneficial to invest in current employees; find ways to improve their performance. Coaching will lead to positive results.