trama and military children

This week’s Literature Review draws upon Week 4’s Annotated Bibliography assignment. It will also feed into the Week 7 Abstract/Introduction assignment.

What is it?

A literature review provides an overview of the relevant findings, constructs, theories, etc. associated with any given topic. A solid literature review will identify patterns, themes, conflicts, gaps, etc. in the available scholarship by analyzing and synthesizing the research.


For this specific assignment, you are to synthesize the research you found for the Week 4 Annotated Bibliography assignment. Do not simply copy the annotations you did for the Week 4 assignment; that is not a literature review. Rather, you are to review and synthesize the research you have found into a cohesive discussion on your selected topic.

The literature review should be submitted as a Word document and include the following:

(a) title page, (b) literature review, and (c) reference list.