Thesis driven essay

Write a thesis-driven essay that:
Relates the books and poems we have read to pop culture and/or politics. Use at least 4 scholarly sources.
Final Draft Guidelines
The final draft of your essay must:
Be 2,500 words or more
Include a word count
Use at least 4 scholarly sources (research). 1 source must be new and unique to this essay but the others can come from previous assignments. Please see the list of databases you can use at the end of the assignment.
Include a Works Cited page
Be in MLA Format
You must complete all the drafts in order for your final draft to be graded:
Class Rough Draft
Outline + Peer Editing
Final Draft
Academic Search Complete
America: History and Life with Full Text 
EBSCO Databases Search 
Gale Literary Sources
History Reference Center 
Literature Criticism Online 
Project MUSE 
Library of Congress (Links to an external site.)
Connect these books to pop culture and/or politics. Write about something you are passionate about!
Be sure to provide background info for the issues/topics/people you talk about. This will help you meet the word count.
Feel free to write in your own voice. This essay does not need to sound academic. Be informal. Be yourself.
Reuse parts of Essays 1 and 2, your midterm, and other class assignments in this essay. Build off of the work you have already done.
Write at least 2 body paragraphs for each of the books we have read. Break up this big essay into smaller, easy-to-write parts.
Write at least 150 words for each of your outside sources.
Think and write about what each book, each scene or poem you write about teaches us about the issues you discuss.