The Pandemic and the Family

Read the supplemental chapter The Pandemic & the Family written by your textbook author, Philip Cohen, provided in the Essay 2 folder. 2. Focus your essay on one of the topics presented in the chapter. a. Disparities by Race & Ethnicity b. Economic Crisis c. Relationships, Marriage, & Child Rearing d. Families & Work e. Family Violence & Abuse 3. Find 2 other sources on your topic. a. They do not have to be from peer-reviewed journals but should be based on research or should be news-based, rather than someones opinion. b. Both of these sources should be used to confirm what Cohen says in his chapter, to provide an update to what Cohen says, or to provide a different conclusion than Cohen presents. c. Because Cohen was writing in December 2020, both of your sources must have been published no earlier than January 2021. d. Should you make any claims about the Covid-19 virus itself that disputes what Cohen says (for example, about the origins of the virus), you must provide a scientific source for your claim. 4. If you present statistics on Covid-19, such as death rates, they should be updated. See the More Information section at the end of the chapter for references to use. Make sure that you cite the statistics. 5. Your writing style for this essay should be fact-based, not your opinion. a. Provide evidence for statements that you make. Cohen writes, for example, that there have been more deaths, proportionately, among African Americans and Hispanics from Covid-19. Then, he backs up this claim with statistics from the CDC. b. Write in plain, but formal, language. There is no need to use flowery language. You are essentially writing a report, not a story. 6. References & Citations: a. Use the same format Cohen uses in the supplemental chapter. b. Title your references page, References.