The Other in America/Race

POV: You are a minority. (Understand life from a minoritys perspective.)

This is intended to be a personal writing using the .pdf readings shown below, to explain how you (as a minority) and your family have experienced race. How have people socially constructed you as the other? How did their social perception of you clash with your identity and your understanding of you? You may consider writing your essay on ethnicity, gender, physical disability or some other criteria used to define you as the other.

(Dont be too descriptive. An example of what I mean by that is: So, speaking Arabic/Chicano/Swahili language… that is an example of being too descriptive, you will just write as something like this instead: So, speaking a different language… or Since America is mainly an English speaking country, some people could be surprised when someone speaks differently than what they are accustomed to speaking/hearing… This is just an example of making sure to not be too descriptive in the writing, you dont have to use those exact quotes.)

P.S. Do not misinterpret this as just a creative writing assignment. You must incorporate principles, concepts, and issues covered within the .pdf readings assigned below for you to use.)

***Must be in Chicago style format, use footnotes (not endnotes), out of the 8 sources provided, use only 4 sources that best helps you to successfully complete your writing!***