The Karmen Line

Part 1: Answer questions on the sheet provided
Part 2: Watch;

In preparation for this section, write down the following in bullet points:

What is new to you?

What is familiar to you?

What is the message/takeaway?

Cinematic techniques?

Think about what is new to you in terms of story, cinematography, editing, lighting, camera movement, sound, acting, etc. What feels familiar to you? What do you resonate most with in the story, the way the story is depicted? What kind of message are you reading through the cinematic elements, the story, the acting? List all the cinematic techniques that you notice.

Then organize your notes and write them down using the following outline. This does not need to be a formal paper and you should be able to fill up to two pages.


State the title of the work, the authors name and the date of release or production.

What do you see? Straight facts.  What does it look like?  Color, light, texture, atmosphere.  Describe the methods and styles.  Camera movement, coverage, editing, sound.

Outline main ideas of the film and identify the Directors intention.

This should involve who, what, where, when, why and how.

You may also choose to mention the structure, style or point of view, cinematic elements.

List your own ideas about the film and how those are shown in the film. Use specific examples.

Critically state what you like and do not like about the film. Try to avoid statements starting with I like and instead try statements such as, The first thing I see is or This _______ stands out for me because of the (color, composition, sound, movement)

Explain your ideas with specific examples from the film. Use visual language!

How is everything you described above related to each other. How are things organized, compliment one another, create harmony or discord.  Think about  movement, composition, rhythm, repetition.  What stands out the most and why?

How does the piece make you feel? What does it make you think of? What is communicated to you?  How do you know that?  What in the piece helps you understand that?  These should be feelings backed up by observations.

Assess whether the director has achieved his/her intended goal.