Create a Health-Related Infographic (Poster).
Topic: Telemedicine
You must create your Infographic (poster) as a single page.
You must save your FINAL as a PDF to be uploaded to SAFE ASSIGN (SA).
Title (Title is usually at the top and is all caps).
Develop a hierarchy of information. Make a Map on paper before you begin.
Choose a Layout (either landscape or portrait).
Important things go first on the Infographic.
Keep enough empty space to separate objects on the Infographic.
If items are related keep them close together.
Use no more than three fonts on an Infographic.
Choose fonts and font sizes that people can see easily.
Usually Poster fonts are 16 pts or larger.
Fonts used in your reference box are smaller 12 pts or less.
Colors keep backgrounds subtle. Use Bright colors sparingly. Select a color scheme and pick 2 or 3 related colors.
Images- Use high quality images including icons, graphics and photos.
Crop images appropriately. Place images so that your Infographic is balanced.
You should have a minimum of 3 images including graphics, icons or photos.
Do not post someone elses Infographic as your own you may crop images but text must be your own.
Include your name on the Infographic.
Everything, including graphics, textboxes and at least APA 3 references must be on the one page.
In a textbox at the bottom of your Infographic include a minimum of 3 APA style references that you used.
Items on your poster do not need to be super or sub scripted from your reference list.
1. Review WebLink: Cool Infographics
2. Review WebLink: The Best Infographic Makers Available on the Web
Note: Many student use PowerPoint and Canva software. You do not have to purchase software to complete
this there are many good FREE softwares available.
Review the SAMPLE Infographics from the Menu Tab on the Bb website for Good Samples.
Remember your topic is not like the Samples it is Telemedicine
The upload for this assignment on SAFE ASSIGN (SA) will open one week before the due date.
The FINAL Due Date and Time for this Assignment is by 11:59 PM on Saturday, May 22, 2021.