Taking a vacation has positive health benefits

This assignment will be 2 parts. I have completed the speech outline please use that for reference. The 1st part is a discussion post about visual aids that will be used for the speech. The instructions follow: In your original post, answer the following:

Based on the text reading about visual aids in this Week, which visuals would work best for your speech and why?

What information did you consider when making this decision and selecting the best visuals for your topic and speech?

How will your visual aid add to the audience’s understanding of your topic?

Create a visual aid for your presentation. Your visual should be at least one page (or slide) but can be more if you prefer. You can use any presentation design software (such as PowerPoint or Keynote), websites (such as Prezi, Canva, PicMonkey), or even simple designs in MS Word.

If you’re using physical items during your presentation for a demonstration,  you can create a slide using pictures of the items you plan to use/show during your demonstration.

The 2nd part is the speech planning sheet. Those details will be uploaded. The assignment can be completed on that sheet and does not need to be in essay format.

I will use all of this information to deliver a speech presentation on 5/2