symbolism and Shakespeares Othello

Shakespeare is full of vivid and repeated images. Choose an image (a bird, a ship, gold, a handkerchief, a sword, a horn, a crown, a throne, the sea, etc.) and discuss how Shakespeare uses it in Othello.

Have an into paragraph, 3 body paragraphs and a conclusion.

Use basic essay format (introduction with thesis statement, body paragraphs with topic sentences, conclusion). The essay must be double spaced, 12 sized font, 5-7 pages long and done in MLA format.
SUPPORT FROM THE TEXT: In your body paragraphs, you must include at least ONE QUOTE from the text that illustrates the point you are making in that paragraph. After each quote, you should explain how it supports the point you are making. A paragraph should never end with a quote. Failure to include the quotes from the text will result in a maximum of half credit for the assignment (25 points out of 50).