Sustainable Forestry

Write a 7-8 page paper typed, double-spaced, and titled, on your research topic. Develop a clear and controlling thesis and support it with evidence from 6-8 outside sources from the library database. These should appear on your Works Cited page, properly cited in MLA format. Your sources should align fairly closely to those on the annotated bibliography previously submitted, but you can add or delete as appropriate. You can refer to and quote from any of the readings in our text, but since library research is one of the goals of this course, these cannot count towards the required number of outside sources found through the library research process. If you do refer to or cite from these readings, make sure to include them on your Works Cited page.  Paper format guidelines include Times New Roman 12, 1 margins, etc. (see Essay Guidelines in Course Information). Provide a Works Cited page (last page of the paper) conforming to MLA (see Handbook or Purdue Online Writing Lab – OWL). Please underline your thesis.