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Project as Final Exam
Requirements: Max 15 pages (excluding references and appendix). . Times New Roman 12 point font. 
General idea: Your project will require a brief introduction, a concise and focused claim (or project statement), two to three main points you will address, solid reasoning, and textual evidence along with an explanation of its significance. Your claim(s) will be assessed based on information extracted from data analysis. If you have many figures/tables, place them in the appendix.
Kindly note that you should select COVID-19 time series. You might select more than one series according to your claims. You may also use some other auxiliary information that is directly or indirectly related to your selected topic.
Organization. Academic style, topic, and closing sentences; relevant, focused, organized and developed paragraphs; effective sentence and paragraph transitions; clear and understandable overall organization.
Evidence/support. Specific, accurate, convincing details; effective and relevant quotations.
Figures and Tables: All tables and figures/graphs should have a number and captions.
Equations: Do not use any equations provided in Book. Use only those not presented in the book if necessary.
Analysis. Clear interpretation; overall coherence of argument. You may use the R programming Package or any other statistical software. You may also use other software for any relevant analysis. No need to write the codes or formula in your assignment. You may cite the book and page number in case a specific formula or R code should be mentioned. Please provide as much details of your analysis and support your claim(s) with data analysis.   
The final assignment consists of the following at least:
A title page, with the title of the report, the name of the author.
A table of contents
A summary presents the overall impression of the project. It should include the goal, research questions, results and the main conclusions (1 page).
An introduction, mention the background and the goal of your research, discuss the research questions and the methodology.
The core of your report in which you work out your assignment.
A conclusion describes the result of your research.
Possible appendices provide additional information to your report.