Strategies for Addressing Global Cybersecurity Threats

Begin by reading the Week 8 readings. You will need to cite information from these readings in your discussion paper. Here are the links for each of the five readings:

The senior leadership of your financial services organization is preparing for a quarterly stockholder / investor meeting. During these meetings, several time slots are devoted to current events / issues which the company finds itself needing to address. For next meeting, you have been asked to give a presentation on Cyber terrorism as a strategic threat to the organization.

To prepare for your presentation, you should research existing threat intelligence (using public sources only). What types of cyber terrorism must your financial services firm be aware of and how should it respond to these environmental / existential threats? Please tailor the essay to use the company, Padgett-Beale, Inc. Financial Services (PBI-FS) as focus of these threats.

Compose your analysis and strategy recommendations as a 5 to 7 paragraph background paper.

Please use the following headers to organize the paper: