strategic analysis of global marketplace

Course Objective:

Use the strategic analysis as a method of organizing and evaluating case information


In this assignment we are seeking for you to research and analyze a global business mistake as well as provide recommendations as to how it could have been avoided or corrected.  To write a 5-7-page (excluding cover page and references) APA formatted paper with full citation and referencing

Select a well-known US Business that has had problems in the global marketplace.  It could be a cultural issue, or a legal issue or an ethical issue, or any issue that caused problems in or prevented them from being successful in that market. 
Research, Analyze and discuss the problem in detail, why did they make this decision, what could they have done differently in the planning process to avoid the issue?
Was the mistake offensive to the local population and were they able to regain the trust of the locals?
Analyze and discuss various solution to the issue, once the mistake had been made, what were there options, why did they select the new strategy, and did it work?
Provide a recommendation as to how other companies can learn from the mistakes made and how others could avoid the issues, as well as a conclusion that wraps up all the ideas presented.


Use the attached, APA Word template provided.
Essay format; not bullet format.
All charts, graphs, pictures are to go in the appendix (not a substitute for content)