Special Senses

Special Senses
The special senses help us communicate with our environment.  A special sense is one that has a specific organ associated with it, like the nose, tongue, ear, and eye. The special senses consist of smell, taste, hearing, balance, and vision.
o    Your assigned sense is: Vision
    Based on your assigned special sense, answer the following questions:
o    Briefly describe the anatomy and physiology of your assigned special sense.
o    Create and briefly describe an emergency in which you lose your assigned special sense and answer the following questions based on your emergency.
o    Explain how your special sense loss would give you an advantage over the other types of special sense (hearing & smell) in the emergency you have created. Explain the reasoning behind your advantages.
o    In this same scenario, how would your special sense loss put you at a disadvantage compared to the other two special sense? Explain your reasoning.
o    Explain how you would adapt to the emergency using the remainder of your intact senses. Be specific.
o    Comment on why the loss of your special sense would lead to a greater disadvantage or advantage. Explain your reasoning.
Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format.