(1) Discuss the objectification of women (such as “cat calls” or “girl watching”).  Is this a form of violence?  Why or why not?  How does this relate to forms of violence against women such as assault and rape? (Further, how are gendered constructs deployed in cultural discussions of rape and sexual assualt? — for example, are women “responsible” for protecting themselves? for “causing” a man to assault? are men “unable” to control themselves? etc.)

(2) Using YouTube or Google, explore the concept of “Rape Culture” — what does this mean?  How may this idea be pervasive in our culture?  It may also be useful to explore ideas of “legitimate rape”, “false rape”, etc.  You will find varied gendered perspectives about what constitutes rape, rape implications, and the culture of rape in our society.
Universities are required to publish campus crime stats — have you ever examined the stats on sexual assault and rape for our own campus?  Given our campus size (population) do these numbers seem legitimate?  Why or why not?  Thoughts?

(3) You may alternately, or additionally, engage with other ideas, questions, or thoughts relevant to this chapter’s reading and course content.  If you will, think about the types of questions and discussions that might emerge in a face-to-face class… you may also find some potential discussion prompts in the affiliated chapter powerpoints!