Journal 3 is worth 8 points of your final grade and covers Modules 8 and 9.
Include (and bold) the headers in your journal.
There is no page length for this assignment.
Please single-space your journal.
Be sure to show your full engagement with all assigned materials.
Refer to the rubric (under ASSIGNMENTS) for criteria used in grading.
For each item in your TOP 16, include a bolded term + 3-5 substantive sentences that
connect the term to assigned material.
Be sure that your writing provides context related to urban sociology + environmental racism + Detroit. For example, you could write that Robert Moses was a city planner and a very powerful person in NYC, but that alone doesnt provide sufficient context. Including his viewpoints and concrete examples of his urban planning provides important context.
Example of a well-written item:
In the Norgaard 2018 article, I found the discussion of ecological and sociological
imagination to be an important framework for advancing sustainability into the discipline of sociology. Norgaards call for climate change efforts shifting from the individual to the collective helped me to better understand why individual efforts and analysis without a sociological framework can create a sense of isolation and overwhelm in people who do genuinely care about addressing climate change.
Example of a not-fully-developed item:
The article written by the author Norgaard talks about sociology and the environment and made a lot of good points.
My Top Sixteen List (8 points, .5 each)
Be sure to have a numbered list of fifteen items; also be sure to bold one term for each of your fifteen items.
1. Climate change statistics
2. Discussion of what you found most meaningful in the Norgaard 2018 article
3. Environmental Racism defined in your own words
4. Environmental Racism statistics
5. Detroits Farming Revolution
6. Majora Carter
7. Robert Moses and Jane Jacobs
8. Flint what happened?
9. Flint as an example of environmental racism
10. Flint: your choice
11. Sojourner Truth Homes
12. The Wailing Wall
13. Redlining + gentrification (as discussed in/relevant to Detroit 48202)
14. Your choice from Detroit 48202 (anything goes here, some options are housing crisis