Social Phenomena Assignment

Social Phenomena Assignment (Written Assignment). Use APA format/citation. Use uploaded material as a reference.

Write a 3 page paper on a current event from the newspaper, magazines or internet that will allow you to engage in sociological analysis.  Most events involve human interaction so it should not be difficult to identify and explain some social phenomena.  For instance, politicians on the left and right can act like babies when called upon to make a decision that potentially impacts the country (e.g., “build the wall” on the border).  While building the wall, or not, is an event, it is the interaction between the political parties that serves as the real social phenomena.  Why are they at odds with one another when each side has supported the wall in the past?  The interesting phenomenon is how they need to continue to be at odds to get our money for their support and to keep us thinking we are all at odds with one another.  The truth is that they know they can’t extract more money from us if they settle the “problems”.  In any event, explain the social phenomena using a theoretical perspective.  No cover page is necessary on short papers.  The document must be in 12-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced with one inch margins