Social Issue Memo

Social Issue Memo. Please select a social issue of interest or choose a topic based on a list provided by the course instructor, and prepare an 2-2 page memo (500 words max)  that contains an overview of the social issue and the ways in which activism or advocacy can make social change.


There are two reasons for writing a memo: the first is to bring someones attention to a problem, and the second is to solve a problem. Writing a memo is different than the writing a term paper. Memos are read by busy individuals, and they do not want long background sections and flowery language. Memos are short and very specific. Although memos are short, usually no more than 3-4 pages, they need to address the key issues, provide a framework for understanding these issues, and include a specific recommendation for taking action.

There are distinct parts to a memo: a) heading, b) body of the memo, c) attachments.

Heading: The heading identifies who wrote the memo, who it was sent to, the date, and the subject.
TO: Recipients name and title
FROM: Your name and title
DATE: Current Date
SUBJECT: The purpose of the memo

Body of the Memo

This section provides a description of the purpose of the memo, and includes any important background information, as well as the specific recommended response. You should describe the background as succinctly as possible but provide sufficient detail. The challenge is to provide only as much information as is necessary but enough detail so the recipient can understand the problem. If relevant, you can indicate what you (or others) have done so far.

Closing Paragraph:

You need to close the memo with restating the topic, and a polite ending that clearly indicates what action you want the recipient to take and suggested next steps.