signature study assignment

The signature assignment is an 8 10 page paper to:

Provide critical thinking of the material that you have read and

Illustrate how different theorists have identified their views and
research on the previous topics of discussion
Think about how to help others by first examining yourself,

Reflect on how these psychological topics have
impacted and influenced you throughout your lifespan.

To help you understand yourself better, improve your
well-being, improve relationships with people you
interact with, and evoke continued exploration of
yourself as you age.

In your paper, address the following:

Describe what stage of development you are in as described by
Erik Erikson.

Next, consider several time frames within your lifespan
development: (1) childhood, (2) adolescence, and (3)
adulthood. Think about approximately 2 to 3 significant events
(positive or negative) that have happened within these three
time frames that you would feel comfortable sharing with your

How did these events shape you into the person you are

Think of your attachment style and discuss why you think
these lifespan events shaped your attachment style and how
you interact with individuals in your life today?

How did your parents authoritarian, authoritative, and/or
permissive parenting style shape your development and who
you are today?

How you identified with your gender and gender role?

How was your moral development shaped and where you do
1 / 2
see yourself in that area of development?

In your conclusion, write a few sentences about how you can
apply what you learned about yourself will be useful to you as
an MFT.

Writing expectations include the following:

Written in the first person (use full names)

Cover page and reference page

Running head and pagination

Must be double-spaced with 1-inch margins and typed in
12-point Times New Roman

Paper should be proofread for spelling and grammar mistakes

Use APA style format.

Use in text citations to avoid plagiarism (make sure the in text
citations are listed in the references section)

Your essay must have a thesis statement (what you propose to
write about) and conclusion (summary of what you wrote
about), and provide support using background readings and
other external sources (as applicable).