Should collge athelets be paid beyond thier scholroships?

Prompt: In this activity, you’ll create an annotated bibliography by following the steps below and answering the questions as thoroughly as possible. The questions will prompt you to engage in a conversation with your sources. You will need to follow the steps below three times (for your three different sources).

Before you begin, make sure you have:

Please use the sources attached only!
here are the citations below

EWERS JR., J. B. (2020, January 9). Should college athletes be paid to play? New York Amsterdam News, 111(2), 12.

COOPER, K. J. (2011). Should College Athletes Be Paid to Play? Diverse: Issues in Higher Education, 28(10), 1213.

Mitchell, H., & Edelman, M. (2013). Should College Student-Athletes Be Paid? U.S. News Digital Weekly, 5(52), 17.

At least one of your three sources should present a counterargument, a position that an opponent of your argument might make.

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

Identify your sources, including author, title, and the database information or website.
Summarize your source. (Use the template below.)

It seems this source is arguing ____________________.
This source is using this evidence to support the argument: ____________________.
Credibility and Relevance
Explain the rationale for the credibility of the source by providing supporting evidence. (Use the template below.)
Personally, I believe the source is doing a (good job/bad job) of supporting its arguments because ____________________.
Explain the relevance of the source to your argument. (Use the template below.)
I think this source will be very helpful in supporting my argument because ________________________.


I will work to refute this counterargument in my essay by ________________________.

Guidelines for Submission:
Your annotations must include at least three sources. Save your work in a Microsoft Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. Then, check your writing for errors