Sexual Orientation

Agree or Disagree with this and explain reasons why:

1. My religious beliefs taught me that the purpose of sex is for reproduction, and therefore I feel that people are born with a sexual orientation to follow that. I think that sexuality is partially socially constructed, and therefore subject to change. While people are born to be attracted to the opposite sex, differing urges do exist, and society can encourage individuals to pursue other forms of pleasure through homosexuality.

2. I feel that sexual orientation should be defined by behavior. This can be confusing since people often identify themselves separately from their actions, but in a world defined by social construction, behavior speaks louder than belief.

3. Data indicates that the number of people identifying as LGBT has increased, especially in millennials, but hardly at all for older people. Perhaps as society has progressed toward more acceptance of homosexuality, more individuals feel comfortable pursuing different feelings, experimenting, or labeling themselves differently. It makes sense that people who grew up in a time period when sexuality was not discussed would hold on to their heterosexuality, while younger individuals who experienced the social change are more open to express these feelings.