sexual morality

An A paper will have:

+A proper introduction that introduces a topic and qualifies it as worth of ethical consideration. After this, you must also state the intent of the paper. Something such as In this paper I will or The goal of this essay is to show or “I intend to argue in favor of…” etc. You must do more than indicate there are a lot of views on a given topic, then move on. Make it clear what the reader is going to gain from reading this.

+Provide an overview of the ethical issue for which you are presenting, explaining the relevant arguments on two opposing sides of the issue in a factual, non-evaluative manner. I.e. Do not include opinions, personal thoughts or other biases in this portion of the paper.

+Once youve presented the subject and shown two opposing sides of it, you need to make a thoughtful, well-reasoned argument in favor of a position you hold regarding the topic. You must demonstrate elements of critical thought with a philosophical mindset. You must cite a philosopher, ethical theory or some philosophical rationale that youve learned this semester amidst your argument. If you dont include philosophy you will definitely not get an A.

+The paper needs to have a logical structure that demonstrates effort, detail to editing and a clear flow of information, as well as nearly perfect grammar. Avoid fragmented sentences. This is a very common problem in student writing. Form complete sentences. You aren’t writing a text message. You aren’t writing poetry or a blog entry. This is academic writing. Be formal. Proofread, and have someone else proofread if you are unsure.

+A conclusion that neatly wraps up the purpose of the paper and leaves the reader with a sense of accomplishment in having spent the time reading your work.

+Reach proper word count of 1200+ words