Self Reflective Business Report

As noted in the Introduction to Week 4, we often make sound plans for change, but these plans often fail simply because we overlook details. For example, we make the best plans to lose weight, but a carton of Butter Pecan Ice Cream finds its way into our shopping cart. Plans are one thing; execution of these plans can be quite another.

*** The three pages do not include cover or reference page ***

Prepare a report, approximately 3-5 pages long, in which you respond to the following points and questions. Though this report is entirely self-reflective, it is important to support your statements with outside sources.

You are here in college, seeking a degree in Business Administration or perhaps some other degree where this course is required for your program of study. You are here for some specific reason (a better job, more pay, etc.), and you most likely have made plans for success. Let us evaluate some of these plans and details.

Why are you here working on your degree?
What is your plan for change?
What details do you need to include for you to execute this plan?
What is your game plan? What is your strategy?
There will always be roadblocks in any plan, regardless of how much planning we do and how much attention to detail we give. One way to offset roadblocks is to monitor progress made. Another way is to celebrate successes, no matter how small, along the way.

Identify at least three possible roadblocks to your success here in school. What might keep you from successfully completing your courses and from graduating?
How will you deal with each of these roadblocks?
How do you plan to monitor your progress?
How do you plan to celebrate your successes, no matter how small? (Yes, ice cream works here!)