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Students will write a research proposal to fund a survey that pertains to peanut allergies and children. Your maximum budget for this research is $400,000. You may pick your audience. Make the audience known to the reader in the beginning of the paper.

Your tasks:

Proposals should be formatted using the following guidelines.

– Title Page that includes your name, class and section name, date, project title, name of the agency you’re requesting funding from (funding source), beginning and end dates of the proposed funding period, and total amount of funds requested. (Does not count toward the page limit)
– No Table of Contents needed
– Abstract of your research proposal
– Project description which includes several sub-sections: introduction, problem statement and significance, goals and objectives, methods and procedures, evaluation and dissemination.
– References in APA style (Does not count toward the page limit)Budget with justification
– Appendices (charts, etc.) (Does not count toward the page limit)

you can include graphs and charts

do not exceed more than 6 pages