Here is some helpful information about me I would like added in my essay for scholarship I am a single mother of five children , ages 18,15,11,5,3 I was a teen mother at 17, as a result I was a high school drop out , in 2004 I begun working as a home health aide, however I wanted more for myself so I went back in 2010 obtained my high school diploma, in 2014 I went to a two year college and obtained my associates in applied science . My goal is to become a certified nurse midwife. Also I would like to take a training to become a doula while in school as this will also prepare me for my ultimate goal. Also I have had a lot of financial hardships in 2020 my job closed down due to a bigger company taking over I was a case manager for three years , after this happened I decided to finish pursuing my dream to become a certified nurse midwife, so I enrolled into holy Family University in January,2021 I have already completed my first semester. You can reword this