risk for small business

Project Brief As a team, write an essay on managing risk in small businesses. Pick ONE of the following topics to focus on: 1- Application and implementation of risk management in a small business 2- A critical perspective on risk management in small businesses and the practice of managing risk in small businesses 3. Regulations and legislations regarding risk and risk management and the small business and the impact of the growing risk management industry on the small business. 4- Risk management, managing risk, risk and the owner-manager of a small business In addition to the essay, as a team you will have to prepare and present a presentation on your topic at the end of the semester. Your presentation should last 15 minutes and will be done during Weeks 14 and 15. Dead line for essay submission: Monday of Week 14 (18″ of January 2021) Deadline for submission of presentation slides: Monday of Week 14 (18″ of January 2021). Late submissions are NOT ALLOWED. Word count for essay: 4,000 (+/- 10%) words The project will be 20% of your course mark The essay and the slides you submit will be marked as a team, and will make 60% of the project mark (50% for essay and 10% for presentation slides). Although you will be presenting as a team, the presentation will be marked individually, and will make 40% of the project mark.

Make sure to follow the following: 1. READ THE BRIEF PROPERLY AND CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU START. 2. There are 4 topics and 7 teams. To avoid all groups working on the same topic, the topic you choose has to be approved BEFORE starting to work on the topic. Take a couple days to decide which topic you wish to pick, and inform me of your decision. Make sure to get approval on your topic before you start working on it. 3. Have a cover page to your essay, which includes the following a. Course name and number b. A title that indicates the topic you have chosen c Team number d. Alist of your names and student numbers e. Date of submission 4. Your essay should have an introduction, body, and condlusion. 5. Include scholarly sources (beyond your lectures and suggested reading material), and make sure to reference your work properly (reference list is not included in word count). Do, whenever you state a fact (even one that is “common knowledge), supply a citation to identify your source of information and include it in your References at the end of of your submission. Note: Wikipedia is NOT a scholarly source and using it as a source will make you lose marks. 6. Do not exceed the maximum wordcount. If you do, the essay will only be marked up to the word limit. Writing below your allowed word count means your essay is too short and does not cover the topic properly. 7. Try to include examples in your essay, try to reflect what you have learnt onto real life. 8. Tables, graphs, and any other informative material where relevant are allowed, they will be counted toward your wordcount, but make sure to reference your sources. 9. When writing your essay, make sure to have a target audience in mind. Who will you be addressing in your essay? What level of knowledge does your audience have? What do they know and what do they need to know? Make sure your essay and the language you use is appropriate for your target audience and is consistent throughout. Example: if your target audience is risk management experts, then they would have a good level of knowledge about risk management standards. However, if you are targeting owner- managers of small businesses, then they might know very little about risk management. 10. Make sure your assignment is presentable. Use appropriate font, font size, margins, etc. In other words, make sure it is easy to look at and read. 11. This is a TEAM assignment. So work as a team! 12. You should prepare power point slides for your presentation. Your presentation, which will last for 15 minutes, should aim to explain your topic to the students. 13. Make sure you design your presentation NOT to exceed the time limit you have. You will be presenting as a team so make sure EACH member has a part to cover, and that the time is managed properly for EVERYONE in the team to have their own time. 14. Your presentation has to reflect what you wrote in your essay. 15. The slides used during the presentation MUST BE the same as the ones you submit. 16. Late submissions will be marked down. 17. Use Harvard-style for your referencing. You can use this link as a guide: https://www.mendeley.com/guides/harvard-citation-guide Example of Harvard-style referencing: