Revise paper relfection 2

Please note the three topics in this essay may or may not be related, namely it’s not necessay to link informatics to accountability or culture competency.

For accountability, your interpretation is correct. However, since you have not uploaded the “community risk assessment” paper to your ePortfolio yet, I don’t know how it can demonstrate your achievement of accountability. You mentioned “interviews” but it is not clear if  they are what you did for your community risk assessment paper or what you did during your clinical experiences. In addition, for the databases, do you mean you propose to create to assess community risk or the electronic medical records you used during your clinical experiences?

You did not mention the name of the second artifact for your N638. It’s not necessary to cite “McGonigle & Mastrain (2021) because you should describe how you practiced or applied “accountability” in nursing practice and use the artifact as an evidence.

For “cultural competency”, you did not name the artifact for N602. The theory paper you did for N602 is about Nightingale’s Environmental Theory, which did not mention “cultural competency”.

You mentioned using remote technologies to collect data in N738, but did not name the artifact.