Research Question and/or Hypothesis

The final project for this course will require you to produce a geoscience research paper on a topic that is of current or general interest to the geoscience community. The research paper will contain an abstract, introduction, data collection methods, results, and conclusion. You will need to become familiar with the elements of the paper. The paper should serve as a launchpad for continuing (further) investigation into the question or hypothesis you propose.

Utilizing information from your previous discussion, the reading assignments, and/or your own knowledge or interests, determine the research question and/or hypothesis you would like to investigate as part of this class. Remember, geoscience research can encompass a broad range of science (physical or social) topics or even a unique mix of both.

Submit your proposed research question and/or hypothesis, explaining the reasoning behind your selection. This assignment is designed to ensure that you have chosen an appropriate research question and/or hypothesis.