Research Paper Assignment (p. 129-155, Norton Field Guide) ENC 1102

Research Paper Assignment (p. 129-155, Norton Field Guide) ENC 1102

Role/Writers Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to find the answer to a question that would require research. Your question can relate to your major, a hobby, a phenomenon, a current event, or just something that you are curious about. Whatever the case may be it is a quest for knowledgean exploration for truth.

Audience: Someone who is unfamiliar with your topic and would want to gain the knowledge that you have acquired on the subject.

Genre: Formal analytical research writing.

Course Objectives (SLO’s): Synthesize ideas from a variety of sources. Integrate inquiry-based research into writing processes. Produce analytic texts that effectively address different rhetorical situations. Reading, evaluating, and analyzing appropriate texts in a variety of genres. Integrating multiple kinds of evidence from various texts cohesively. Illustrating purposeful use of direct quotes, paraphrases, and summaries. Evaluating texts roles in larger discourse communities

Task: Write a 1500 word (minimum) essay relating your findings (the answer that you found to your question and the research that supports that answer). You should choose a topic that you are unfamiliar with so that you may find out something new and come to a greater understanding of your topic. You should not choose a topic where the information is commonly known. Instead, challenge yourself to learn something independently. Use your research proposal as an outline for structuring your final paper.

Guidelines:  Keep in mind the following:

Use at least five credible sources, two from the Daytona State database (look for sources that do not contain obvious bias, are professional, and are not personal or commercial)
Follow MLA/APA conventions for formatting your paper (double space, paragraph form, proper headings, etc.).
Originality report must be 20% or less.
Stay in strict 3rd person perspective (Do not use I, Me, We, Us, You, or Your.)
A properly formatted source page and in-text citations are required (without them the paper will be considered invalid and will not be assessed for credit).
Do not choose a common topic (Abortion, Animal Testing/Abuse, Athletes Salaries, Birth Control, Childhood Obesity, Death Penalty, Dress Code, Drinking Age, Drug Legalization, Euthanasia/Assisted Suicide, Gay Marriage, Global Warming, Gun Control, Illegal Immigration, Sex Education).