Research on companies with shortage of drugs

to find companies that are having a shortage of drugs in the southeast and northeast region of the USA. find the main states in these regions and then find different cities. the cities and states should be mentioned in excel sheet. the fields are already mentioned as below.

Medicines Shortages should be publicly listed at the government level. Identification of companies that treat patients and face a lack of access to medicines.

need to find 20 potential customers. the fields to be included in the excel sheet are as below.

    Company name,
    Name of the point of contact (ideally the person who can make or influence purchasing decisions),
    Preferred Language,
    Website URL,
    Company Street Address,
    Postal Code,
    customer with a shortage (YES, NO),
    main products/ medicines requested (if available),
    category of medicines (shortages, prescription, unregistered, other, if available),
    Value constellation: Value Drivers, Value Creation, Value Capturing,
    approval for regulatory (YES, NO).