This paper will include two parts:

Part 1. Research Section (3-5 pages): This section should present a clearly-argued thesis on the topic you originally proposed in the topic proposal. Be sure to use 3-5 sources. These are secondary sources in addition to the 2 artifacts you have chosen, which are primary.

Part 2. Reflection Section (1-2 pages): This section should respond to two reflection questions. 1) What did you learn about the process of research and your own strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for growth? 2) How did exploring your chosen topic through these two artifacts challenge, change, or bring clarity to your own thoughts on the topic? How do the particulars of your own cultural and historical context relate to potential differences or similarities between these views?

Submit your final paper with a title page and works cited page. Please follow these formatting guidelines:

1) Double-spaced, Times New Roman font with 1 in margins and 12 point font.
2) Please include both works cited and title page. Cite sources using Chicago author-date style.