Reflective essay

Part 1:
Following up from the individual REPORT (assessment 2), each student will have to prepare and submit an individual written reflective essay summarizing the case and detailing the role of one chosen department (out of the five departments identified in summative 2) in the overall sustainable strategy action plan. You will have to demonstrate relevant research on how one of the departments of your choice (using sustainability tools and concepts) above will contribute to the overall project developed in summative 2.
Part 2: You will also reflect on the overall project. Your reflection will include the following:
    Description What is the concept, idea or theory you are reflecting on?
    Analysis Are there aspects you found particularly interesting or challenging? Does it tie in with anything you have learned in the past? Has it changed the way you think, or affirmed something you already knew?
    Outcomes or Action What else might you need to find out? Do you have any questions? How might you incorporate or apply these ideas in the future, perhaps in your professional life?